The Art

I wouldn’t consider myself to be hyper-realistic portrait artist but my goal for each drawing is to bring a face to life through technique and the use of graphite. I remember the feelings of warmth, familiarity, happiness, and liveliness that I felt when I flipped through a Norman Rockwell journal I had as a kid. I want to infuse and project that same feeling in my drawings.

I am fascinated by the portrait drawing process from initial sketch to final blending session. I didn’t start drawing with the intention of selling my work. I gain such personal satisfaction from drawing and sharing my work. However, the requests soon started to come so I needed to refocus.

What I hope to achieve in this blog is to not only share the drawings I create, but to also share a little of the story behind the drawing, sprinkled with any other interesting tidbits I might find. Each face has a story. That story is what I hope to reflect in the finished product.

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