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In Memory of Mars

Sadly, Mars, passed away recently. She was a beautiful dog. A Boxer was one of my first commissions when I started drawing. I think they have such expressive faces. It was a joy to do this painting and hopefully bring a bit of joy to Mars’ human. 🐢❣️



Italian Greyhounds

A happy family of pooches (Italian Greyhounds)…actually, one of them is no longer with us, however still is considered a part of the family. 🐢

The challenge here was drawing them so they looked as if they were all in one original photo, when in reality the client provided 3 separate photos. Fortunately the dogs were all looking in the same general direction so I was able to pull it off.



Lola and Bella

I never thought about drawing animals, but when Barbara Adams, President/CEO of CareerPro, Global Inc. (www.careerproglobal.wordpress.com) asked me to draw Lola and Bella, though skeptical at first, like most other opportunities that come my way, I decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did! I loved drawing them and watching their faces come to life on paper. Β  Lola is the smaller puppy, and Bella, the older dog, passed away in 2013. I guess I will add pet portraits to my ‘repertoire’. πŸ™‚