Love Drawing

I can’t believe how much I love drawing! I wish I’d known I could do this years ago… but better … More

A Dog and a Boy

I’d drawn a ‘dog’ and I’d drawn a ‘boy’… but I hadn’t drawn a ‘dog and boy’. So here you … More

Wayne Rooney

I think of myself as a portrait artist, focusing primarily on head/shoulder drawings but I recently completed what I consider … More

Mother and Baby

I was asked to draw one of my favorite types of portraits (Mother and Child), for a first time mom … More


As a budding artist, I am intrigued by new drawing challenges. I draw portraits from photos provided by customers and … More

The ‘First Face’

This is my very first drawing.  I dubbed it: ‘OBAMA – The First Face’. 🙂 The choice reflects no political … More