All Faces Matter

All Faces Matter….to God and to me. One of my best buddies (Hey Ann!) visited me last month and we … More


Another grandmother is very happy!   P.S. It was too much fun drawing this little crewcut! 😎

A Happy Heart 💕

I have been so blessed with, and by, this late-in-life ability (gift) to draw … it still leaves me in … More

More Siblings…More Fun!

This drawing was created from two separate photos. This isn’t always the easiest thing for me to do… positioning/direction can be … More

A Heart for Orphans

The biggest blessing for me in drawing portraits is that each one feels like I have partnered with the Creator … More

Casting Your Cares

I’ve been wanting to draw a daddy/daughter portrait for some time. I love drawing moms/grandmoms with their babes so I … More

The Ones Far Away

As you can probably tell by now, some of my favorite subjects to draw are those showing relationship; grandmother/mother child, … More

… But that HAIR!

A ‘seasoned’artist once told me that drawing a subject’s hair will often take longer than drawing the the face. In … More

Sweet Intensity

How fun it was to draw the sweet intensity in the baby’s eyes.   I wonder what she is thinking?


Each time I complete a portrait I envision it becoming a family heirloom for the customer … and a part … More


Wonderment!… That is what I saw I this child’s eyes. Think about it…at 1 or 2 years old nearly everything … More

Love Drawing

I can’t believe how much I love drawing! I wish I’d known I could do this years ago… but better … More

A Dog and a Boy

I’d drawn a ‘dog’ and I’d drawn a ‘boy’… but I hadn’t drawn a ‘dog and boy’. So here you … More