Happy New Year!

Three years ago this week, I decided to start this page after discovering I had a little knack (and sole … More

A Horse is a Horse..

I never thought about drawing any thing but people portraits when I started doing portraits, however I received several pet … More


Each time I am commissioned to do a dog portrait, by the time I am finished I want to run … More


The first of several Christmas orders has been delivered. Lexi lived 16 years with her ‘mom’. The main feature I … More

This is Abigail Mae

Behind each drawing is a story… maybe a small story … maybe a grand story, but always a story. I … More

King David Ezekiel

Zeke was a Christmas drawing request.  As I started working on the drawing and his face started to take shape … More

A Dog and a Boy

I’d drawn a ‘dog’ and I’d drawn a ‘boy’… but I hadn’t drawn a ‘dog and boy’. So here you … More

Bruno & Buster Brown

Two buddies! This was a study in drawing a lot of hair and ‘doggy’ expressions :).

Pet Portraits

This is Suzie. She convinced me that I should officially offer ‘pet’ portraits in addition to ‘people’ portraits. There is … More


Each drawing that I complete provides added confirmation that I am an artist at heart. I can literally feel my … More

Lola and Bella

I never thought about drawing animals, but when Barbara Adams, President/CEO of CareerPro, Global Inc. (www.careerproglobal.wordpress.com) asked me to draw … More