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Happy New Year!

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First Day Home

Every time I work on a mother/child drawing, I admit, for a fleeting few moments, I think about the fact … More

Homegrown Memories

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All Faces Matter

All Faces Matter….to God and to me. One of my best buddies (Hey Ann!) visited me last month and we … More


Another grandmother is very happy!   P.S. It was too much fun drawing this little crewcut! 😎

A Happy Heart 💕

I have been so blessed with, and by, this late-in-life ability (gift) to draw … it still leaves me in … More

A Horse is a Horse..

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Each time I am commissioned to do a dog portrait, by the time I am finished I want to run … More


‘SATISFACTION’ is the word that I kept thinking of as I was drawing. I don’t know the story behind the … More

Simon of Cyrene

Happy Resurrection Day! This is the first time drawing faces from my mind rather than from a photo. I was … More