Fireplace Poppies

“FIREPLACE POPPIES” 37×48. After a long day of painting I have a much DEEPER RESPECT for all my painting friends who use acrylic paint. 😳  I learned that I have no love for acrylic paints…. nor am I fond of painting florals. I think I am a portrait purist or something… I love faces… eyes, noses, mouths, wrinkles, doucle chins, etc.. lol

Anyway, I don’t use my fireplace so 3 years ago I went to Home Depot and bought a piece of insulation foam board and cut it to fit the opening to control drafts. I got tired of looking at the silver blah so I decided to use some free acrylic paints someone gave me, plus a few more I had to buy (🙄) and paint something pretty. 

Oh my goodness!  I disliked it from the start but my 5 years of drawing has taught me that there is usually a “this is awful” stage that occurs at the beginning and to push through it. So I did and ended up with what you see here. 

Meh.🤷🏽‍♀️. It’s OK.  Never felt that exciting moment I get to with a “face” but at least it’s better than insulation board. Overall, a good learning and practice experience.



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