Month: December 2016


CAUGHT! Who’s bringing the fries!?! Ha!

Saw this photo of my cousin and thought, “Have I drawn fish yet?….Good for the portfolio.” 🐟🐟🐟. I’m on vacation so I’ve had time to sketch/practice all kinds of things. Hope you all aren’t weary of these drawings yet.😉

P.S. I’ve been fishing only once in my life; about 40 years ago. Caught one fish about the size of my hand. The End. 😏


Happy New Year!

Three years ago this week, I decided to start this page after discovering I had a little knack (and sole interest in) for drawing people portraits. To my surprise, my first two commissions was for ‘doggy’ portraits. I remember thinking, “Well, if it has a face I can probably do it.” 😊.

This portrait of ‘Lola and Bella’ was one of those commissions. I love this drawing because it represents a sort of ‘open door’ to an area of drawing I hadn’t considered. They gave me confidence. Since drawing these two, I’ve completed several animal drawings and I love doing them! Expressing the soul of an animal via pencil is just as exciting to me as it is for people.

To have discovered this gift at such a late time in my life is one of my greatest blessings… and in our crazy world, I hope a quick scroll through my page brings all kinds of smiles and warmth to your day.

☮️ 💖 and HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🎉


Trump & Hillary

So, I decided to make my little artistic contribution to the 2016 presidential election madness featuring the two most unpopular candidates ever (so I hear). Trump’s hair gave me fits. It looked so fake as I was drawing, but then I remembered that it looks fake in real life too 🤔 so I just quit working on it. 👀…. and … Hillary, well, she just ought to thank me for not drawing all of what I saw on her photo. (You’re welcome, girl) 😌.

Anyway, it’s all good (and needed) practice. 😎