Homegrown Memories

Many memories are tied to one’s home(s). I can remember specific details about each of the homes I’ve lived in; the colors, rooms, fragrances, family, joys, pains…many things. I think of this when I am drawing a home; of the people who lived there. I don’t think in terms of architectural drawings or blueprints. As a good artist friend told me, “keep it loose”. In my mind that meant, ‘draw the feeling of the house’.

In many ways, the process is like drawing faces. My goal is to bring life to the structures – and to reflect the lives within. 🏡

This particular house had an obstruction 👀. The customer wanted the big tree out of the drawing. It was difficult to get a good photo but with the help of a couple side-view, distorted angled photos I was able to come up with this. ğŸ˜Ž


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