Go ahead, try not to SMILE…

Freckles, lollipops, and tie-dye t-shirts: How could I resist adding this drawing to my portfolio?

Although I now have a couple years of portfolio drawing under my belt, I still do not have a descriptive, or full, personal portfolio because, surprisingly, much of my work has been commissioned requests. So when I see a photo posted online that gives me the itch to grab my pencils, I am quick to contact the owner (person who posted it), and save a copy of it to my “Gotta Draw This” folder.  The photo I saw online was one of those photos. Besides bringing thoughts of summer, fun, youth, joy, laughter, ice cream, lollipops, and all things happy, the photo was in addition very professional-looking, crisp, and close-up showing a lot of details; a dream photo for me to use.

So, go ahead… try not to smile…



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