Month: September 2015

Go ahead, try not to SMILE…

Freckles, lollipops, and tie-dye t-shirts: How could I resist adding this drawing to my portfolio?

Although I now have a couple years of portfolio drawing under my belt, I still do not have a descriptive, or full, personal portfolio because, surprisingly, much of my work has been commissioned requests. So when I see a photo posted online that gives me the itch to grab my pencils, I am quick to contact the owner (person who posted it), and save a copy of it to my “Gotta Draw This” folder.  The photo I saw online was one of those photos. Besides bringing thoughts of summer, fun, youth, joy, laughter, ice cream, lollipops, and all things happy, the photo was in addition very professional-looking, crisp, and close-up showing a lot of details; a dream photo for me to use.

So, go ahead… try not to smile…


A Heart for Orphans

The biggest blessing for me in drawing portraits is that each one feels like I have partnered with the Creator of the universe and he allowed me to enjoy a small taste of his creative power through my little pencils.

Well, this child stole my heart right from my initial sketch onto the paper. His face was sort of what I imagined a child of mine whould have looked like. 😊. Tom is an orphan in Zimbabwe. My longtime friend, Marsha C. is involved in missions ministry at her church and she told me of this little boy. He is about 3 years old now but was younger in the photo I used. I am told that he is a happy little guy. I could tell in the photo I had that he was likely a bundle of joy…and energy!

I’ve had a big heart for orphans. A goal I have for my drawings is to somehow turn them into a way to raise money for orphanages and the children living in them. So far, I haven’t been able to formulate the best way to do that but I trust this will come to fruition some day soon. Maybe by simply putting this desire out there in this blog can help get the wheels turning in some way.

If you think of this drawing of Tom, say a little prayer for him, that in spite of his beginnings that he grows up to be all that God has purposed for his life. 💛