Month: July 2015

The Ones Far Away

As you can probably tell by now, some of my favorite subjects to draw are those showing relationship; grandmother/mother child, siblings, working on a daddy-daughter drawing. I love the challenge of reflecting the intimacy of a photo using a simple pencil. So glad the customer liked it as much as I enjoyed drawing it.

This customer’s first grandchild lives hundreds of miles away. The photo was taken when this first-time grandma was leaving to return home after the visiting the babe for the first time. I could instantly see the tenderness and the longing the grandma would feel as she would have to leave the babe until the next visit. She said, “That was my goodbye kiss for her when I left for home right after she was born.”  I can only imagine how she felt. This feeling is what I wanted to capture.

… But that HAIR!

A ‘seasoned’artist once told me that drawing a subject’s hair will often take longer than drawing the the face. In the beginning I really shyed away from drawing subjects who had a lot of hair. Scroll through the photos of my drawings and you will see, Obama, Meryl, Bill O’Reilly, all  had no to short hair. 😉  i eventually faced my fears and gradually hair was not so intimidating.

This drawing was a new challenge… long wavy hair.  It was fun to draw  and it helped to bring this adorable face to life on paper. image