This is Abigail Mae

Behind each drawing is a story… maybe a small story … maybe a grand story, but always a story. I recently got a request from my friend Linda to draw her fur-baby Abigail Mae (Abby), who passed away not long ago.  I knew a little about Abby prior to drawing her, but when I completed the drawing I wanted to know more. I asked  Linda to tell me more, and as she did I decided to invite her to be a ‘guest blogger’.  Her words enhanced the drawing to where I hope we now have a wonderful story about her Sweet Abby.

Here are Linda’s words about her beloved Abby:

“Abigail Mae was a very special gift to me during the most challenging time of my life. Between my dad dying and then my mom a few years later, then the loss of my job, she filled a void of companionship and love. 2015-02-20 19.57.44

Abby was one of a litter of 6 pups bred by a Mennonite family near Keuka Lake. When my mom and I went to pick her out, she was the only one who instead of running towards us, decided to go back to her mommy. It was then I knew she was going to be my surrogate furry daughter. I knew she would always return to her nurturer. And she did. Abby was very precocious as a pup but also very easily trained (my mom was staying with me at the time) so mom really trained her while I went to work. 

Abby was very loving and enjoyed just being around her family. When I went to live with my sister, Sandra, Abby was thrown into a houseful of before and after school children going in and out. She always went with the flow though. The kids loved her, especially Garrett. Abby would let Garrett do anything with her and she wouldn’t mind. She very easily became a part of her new home and Sandra (I think) grew to love her too. Abby was almost 16 when she passed and is very much missed by her mommy. She will always have a place in my heart. Her remains are in a wooden box with the tree of life engraved on the top. She will be laid to rest in our garden with a river stone engraved with her name and date of birth and death.”


  1. Jan is so very talented to have captured Abby’s loving eyes and inquisitive expressions. A great tribute to a great dog and companion to not only Linda but to all who are blessed to come to Sandra and Lol’s home. My children, and especially Garrett who enjoyed having an real furry friend to play with for the first seven years of his life, will miss her like their own. Great people deserve great pets and thankful that this blog captures exactly that.

    1. Thank you so much Lindy for your kind words. Abby’s presence in our lives was life-changing. With Sandra’s acceptance of a pet into her home to all who entered our home, Abby was gracious, loving and polite. The picture Jan drew captured all her qualities. She will remain forever in our hearts.

  2. Dear anonymous, your words are so true. Only those who truly understand the bond between a human and a pet would appreciate the bond between them.

  3. The loss of a pet is like a loss of a good friend who has known you and loved you thru their life time.To some the human-animal bond can be defined as such a close relationship that unless you understand what love is between a humans and animals you will never understand the loving bond we have for them. Abby was such a loving pet and she was an amazing friend to Linda, who she loved unconditionally. This picture is perfect of Abby.. She was part of Linda’s family and she was there for her when Linda needed her the most. God put animals on this earth because he loved them and so do we. Beautiful story Linda.

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