Month: December 2014

New Challenges…Great Fun!

I received a request for an atypical drawing recently. I think of myself as a pencil portrait (people and pets) artist but a customer asked me to draw a picture of her in-laws home; it is the house her husband grew up in. The thing that motivated me the most was envisioning all the ‘life’ moments that occurred in the house over the years; things that made the house a home. Thinking of those things made it a very fun project.  Oh!…and by the way, I added ‘house’ drawings to my repetoire. 😉


Most Prized Possession

I don’t typically give my drawings a name but as I was working on this one, the expression on the grandparents’ faces (as they held their daughter’s first child) looked as if they were holding a most prized possession. I loved drawing the older subjects along with the fresh face of the baby. This drawing pushed and tested my skills. It was a study in a lot of things … but I like a good challenge.