Month: September 2014


Wonderment!… That is what I saw I this child’s eyes. Think about it…at 1 or 2 years old nearly everything you see or do each day is NEW, an adventure… a first time doing it or seeing it. The photo of this child expressed that wonderment perfectly. In this photo, he had placed both legs into one leg of a pair of camouflage pants and was thinking about how to resolve the problem. ūüėä ¬†I love drawing pictures that might in the future bring joyful memories.¬†image

Bigger Paper Needed… Please!

Five cousins! I love the individual expressions of each child. I like using photos like these because they tell a story that I think will evoke memories years later. My challenge was to bring each child‚Äôs expression to life on paper using graphite‚Ķ. A fun and delightful challenge for me. (Paper size 18×24)


A Heavenly Commission

A couple weeks ago I was contacted by a young lady who asked me to do a very special drawing. She explained that her son was born two years ago, and he lived for 28 days; he never came home from the hospital.¬† She asked if I could do a drawing of him without his tubes and bandages. Well, my first thought was, “I’ve never done that but I could certainly try… and she will never have another photo of her baby, so I must try.”¬† I draw strictly from photos, not from my ‘mind’ (I’m not that skilled yet). She sent a few photos she had taken when the baby was in the hospital… and, yes, I was unsure when I saw the photos. His little face, with the tubes and bandages, told of his struggle to live.¬† I doubted my ability to do it but I asked God to show me this baby’s face without tubes and bandages, and healthy; the way he might have looked as he was ushered into the arms of the Lord.

As I started to draw, the neatest thing started to happen. My physical eyes studied the photo (as usual), however, my mind’s eye started to see a healthy baby with no bandages or anything. As I continued to draw I was excited¬† to see how his face came to life for me, I even heard God whisper to me about what I needed to do to portray the child’s little face and body. It was definitely a new challenge and a different kind of experience for me.Nate 2When I completed it, I was silenced by the results. Not that it is a perfect, artistically-skilled, and technically astounding drawing, but I felt I had totally succeeded in rendering an accurate likeness… only because God guided/showed me. Most of all I felt God approved and was pleased, and that HE had commissioned me to do this particular drawing.