Joy in the Process

Much of the joy in creating new ‘graphite’ faces is studying the development; I do this through photos. I take quick iPhone photos of the stages of ‘works in progress’ because it is often easier to see where I need to tweak facial features in a photo. I seriously get some kind of a “drawing high” too when I look back at a slideshow of the photos – crazy, huh?.  [What in the world did Picasso do with no iPhone? … ha ha!]

This initial fascination might wear off at some point but for now, I still take a quick photo after every couple hours or so of working on a project.  Here is a  slideshow of Bill O’Reilly’s progress. It was my 3 or 4th drawing after I started – definitely not the best, I sort of cringe when I look at some of the facial features I drew back then (8 months ago, lol),  but it keeps me humble to show the world, just keeping it real.  There are only six pictures in this slideshow; sometimes I have up to 20, but this will give you an idea without boring you.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow of Taylor Swift is sort of fun to scroll through as well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks for viewing!

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