The ‘First Face’

This is my very first drawing.  I dubbed it: ‘OBAMA – The First Face’. 🙂

The choice reflects no political affiliation but simply what was chosen for me as a first project in March 2013. I post it not because I think it is all that great but because it reminds me how just a few months before I realized I could do this, I was beginning to feel burned out in life and like I had done all I was ever going to do (I’ve done a LOT of things but middle age has a way of making one feel like that).

This drawing changed things. Technically, I look at it now nine months later, and think, ‘Wow, that’s pretty bad – I could do so much better now.’ I know exactly what to do to make it look so much better, but I choose not to modify it because it signifies a turning point in my life and because I need to always remember where I started.


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