Month: January 2014

Joy in the Process

Much of the joy in creating new ‘graphite’ faces is studying the development; I do this through photos. I take quick iPhone photos of the stages of ‘works in progress’ because it is often easier to see where I need to tweak facial features in a photo. I seriously get some kind of a “drawing high” too when I look back at a slideshow of the photos – crazy, huh?.  [What in the world did Picasso do with no iPhone? … ha ha!]

This initial fascination might wear off at some point but for now, I still take a quick photo after every couple hours or so of working on a project.  Here is a  slideshow of Bill O’Reilly’s progress. It was my 3 or 4th drawing after I started – definitely not the best, I sort of cringe when I look at some of the facial features I drew back then (8 months ago, lol),  but it keeps me humble to show the world, just keeping it real.  There are only six pictures in this slideshow; sometimes I have up to 20, but this will give you an idea without boring you.

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This slideshow of Taylor Swift is sort of fun to scroll through as well.

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Thanks for viewing!

Lola and Bella

I never thought about drawing animals, but when Barbara Adams, President/CEO of CareerPro, Global Inc. ( asked me to draw Lola and Bella, though skeptical at first, like most other opportunities that come my way, I decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did! I loved drawing them and watching their faces come to life on paper.   Lola is the smaller puppy, and Bella, the older dog, passed away in 2013. I guess I will add pet portraits to my ‘repertoire’. 🙂


Tripp Halstead

Those who live in Georgia have surely heard of Tripp Halstead (, the 2-year old little boy who suffered head injuries when while playing in the yard of his daycare a tree that had been weakened during Hurricane Sandy in 2012 lost a limb that fell on him. It is an incredible story and God has really worked a number of miracles for him and his family. Their journey is still being chronicled on the link above.

I was perusing their Facebook page one day and saw the sweetest photo of him and his mom … A perfect new drawing challenge. You will have to see the original photo on their site as I haven’t gotten permission to use it on my site. The finished drawing turned out okay. I was pleased with it at the time. Drawing it made me think at some point I’d like to do a ‘Mother and Child’ series.


Famous People

After the ‘First Face’, I thought it would be best to try and draw famous people, that way, when I was done I could gauge whether or not I had succeeded based on if others knew who the famous person was. I also selected these particular faces for specific reasons: Meryl Streep’s nose, Magic Johnson’s smile (..and because he was my high school crush, oh yeah!), and Taylor Swift, well, just because  she’s Taylor, and i needed to try drawing a young person. Their unique features were a fun challenge. After only a few months into drawing at this point, I think there was some level of success.


The ‘First Face’

This is my very first drawing.  I dubbed it: ‘OBAMA – The First Face’. 🙂

The choice reflects no political affiliation but simply what was chosen for me as a first project in March 2013. I post it not because I think it is all that great but because it reminds me how just a few months before I realized I could do this, I was beginning to feel burned out in life and like I had done all I was ever going to do (I’ve done a LOT of things but middle age has a way of making one feel like that).

This drawing changed things. Technically, I look at it now nine months later, and think, ‘Wow, that’s pretty bad – I could do so much better now.’ I know exactly what to do to make it look so much better, but I choose not to modify it because it signifies a turning point in my life and because I need to always remember where I started.


Still Amazed!

Last year this time, I was thinking about what the year 2013 would bring. The new year has always put me into a contemplative state of mind … I always want to know that I I haven’t wasted minutes of my life. I always want to do memorable, important things. Last year this time I wanted and needed something new to happen. I had no idea this new thing would be the development of a talent. A talent that would lead to the start of this blog and a related Facebook page. See the My Journey tab to see how this all unfolded.

Thank you for visiting and/or following my art journey. I pray it is as much of a blessing to you as it is for me.

New Adventures!

The first day of a new year! Just a couple of weeks ago I never envisioned I’d be starting the new year with a new blog! Especially one focused on my artwork.

I am looking forward to all the new, seen, and unseen things to come in 2014!